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Companies cite an increased drive towards AI and Intelligent Automation to enhance customer experience


Companies are re-evaluating Voice of Customer platforms

Reports and Analysis


Intelligent Automation and Digital Twins - Re-imagining growth, capabilities and future product development

Hyper-personalisation and hyper-automation are enabling the customer data to be applied to the design process


This opens a whole new world of opportunities where customer data and customer's voice are not saved for future product development. Instead, product update or re-invention is ongoing and agile.

This is a completely new frontier and re-orchestrates the traditional R&D and manufacturing model. By leveraging digital twins organisations can deliver richer and more personalised experiences to their customers, that were previously reserved for luxury brands.

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Intelligent Automation in Oil & Gas Strategy Playbook 2022 


The majority of oil and gas companies globally are distressed with their current manual operating systems. Businesses are implementing Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and embracing other primary automation technologies to digitalise their core assets for favourable outcomes.


The value of intelligent automation amplifies as interfaces allow for businesses to achieve efficiencies in their workflows. In the last couple of years, businesses have expedited digital transformation efforts, fueling more investment to support the automation of key business processes.

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Digital Twin Strategy Playbook 2022 


Digital Twin is not simply the deployment of a new digital tool; it represents a new way of thinking that allows oil and gas conglomerates to become resilient, evolve, and mature as they strive to de-risk their business and prepare for the future. Digital Twin enables technically skilled oil and gas personnel to embrace their digital co-workers to harness the immeasurable benefits of emerging technologies.

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Manufacturing Assembly

Automation and BPM Trends Report 

RPA systems represent an incredible tool for rapidly revitalizing companies that handle massive data transactions, even input from human interaction. Using the right approach where viable repeatable tasks are redesigned in a much more strategic, structured and holistic manner, BPM lays the groundwork for RPA. Moreover, an intelligent BPM workflow setup can bring an organisation to a higher level of automated efficiency than it ever thought possible by understanding and triggering opportunities for RPA bots to automate processes that it has optimised.

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Intelligent Automation and Data

We are all familiar with AI and IA as valuable technologies to create seamless processes and enhance efficiencies. In order to achieve maximum ROI from a AI or IA implementation, leveraging data effectively to harness technology's incredible computational asset makes a powerful and enticing prospect. Also, data enhances an organization’s process efficiency. By improving analytics capabilities it carves the path to adopting advanced AI and Machine Learning (ML) models in the future.

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What oil and gas decision-makers plan to spend on new technologies to amplify digitisation.

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Companies cite increased budgets for digital transformation, implementing or expanding AI, chatbots, analytics, or cloud capabilities.

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