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Intelligent Automation Show Middle East 2023

Program Agenda

Day One
Tuesday, 24 May 2022
9:00am - 5:40pm

Day Two
Wednesday, 25 May 2022
9:00am - 5:00pm

IA Awards
Tuesday, 24 May 2022
4.40pm - 5.40pm

Day One, Tuesday, 24 May 2022
9:00am - 5:40pm

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8.30am Registration and welcome coffee

Reimagining business models 

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Opening remarks from the chair

Yassin Bhatti, AI and Digital Transformation Expert

Reimagining business models 

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Welcome address: Khalifa AlJaziri AlShehhi, Commercial Affairs Regulatory Sector Advisor, Ministry of Economy, UAE

Reimagining business models 

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KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Designing a winning intelligent automation and AI strategy that drives agility and amplifies governance

A successful automation strategy begins with accurate problem identification in a business process and subsequently selecting the right use case for automation. Explore:

  • Evaluating the benefits and assessing any risks of automating your operations. Designing quality and governance checks

  • Ensuring automation is sustainable and scalable

  • Benchmarking with established use cases, methodologies, and frameworks


Vincent Vloemans, Global CIO, Perfetti Van Melle

Reimagining business models 

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EXECUTIVE PANEL DISCUSSION: Optimising digital experience (DX) in the workplace and delivering superior customer experience (CX)

Post pandemic intelligent automation is leaning towards automation self-service, as lifestyle choices continue to drive complexity and disruption. There is a growing need to develop a comprehensive IA strategy, that enables integration of robust cloud infrastructure allows the orchestration of a sustainable automation strategy. This session will cover:

  • How to manage multi-cloud and multi-experience environments when considering automation-as-a-service?

  • What are the challenges in designing a dynamic, scalable and resilient cloud automation infrastructure?

  • How do you measure outcomes and define success?


Chair: Yasin Bhatti, AI and Digital Transformation Expert

Mohammed Ali , Director of Digital & Innovation, Emirates Post

Abdullah AlHumaidi AlHarbi, IT Director, Arabian Centres

Mazen Pharaon, Chief Digital Officer, Riyad Bank

Karthik Chandra Akula, Regional Head Middle East, Freshworks

Reimagining business models 

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KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Work smarter … not harder

  • How artificial intelligence & cognitive technologies mandate a change in thinking about the problem space of automating the enterprise

Donald Krol, Director, Solutions Consulting EMEA, Workato

Reimagining business models 

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KEYNOTE ADDRESS: AI, automation, and future of work?

Automation and artificial intelligence (AI) will define the future world of work. Companies can no longer ignore the gains intelligent automation solutions deliver: liberating employees from repetitive tasks, increasing customer satisfaction, and streamlining business operations. Thus, combining these two digital technologies is a competitive imperative.

  • How can enterprises leverage the power of AI to enhance employee/customer experience today?

  • How to unleash human achievement by leveraging the Intelligent Automation platform?


Ashraf El Zarka, Regional VP for the Middle East, Africa and Pakistan, UiPath

Reimagining business models 

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10.30 am

EXECUTIVE PANEL DISCUSSION: Enterprise-wide digital transformation and effective process mining powering resilient organisations

CIOs are continuously increasing automation capabilities to deliver seamless service. With a host of emerging technologies to work with, CIOs are in a very exciting time of change and innovation. In this session hear how advanced analytics strengthens process mining and ensures the success of your automation projects. Also, hear how process mining ensures you have a strong base to subsequently explore the world of digital twin and metaverse.

  • Dissociating hype and innovation – what to focus on and how to scale

  • Setting the foundation right – how do you ensure your digital infrastructure can support scaling and future automation evolution?

  • Data security, data governance, process discovery and automating meaningfully

  • Identifying process weaknesses and transforming them into opportunities through automation


Chair: Wissam Al Adany, Group CIO, ADES Arabia Holding (a PIF KSA subsidiary)

Tabish Asifi, Group IT Governance Lead, Majid Al Futtaim

Mario Foster, Group CIO, Al Naboodah Group Enterprises

Sreedhar Suragouni, CIO, Oman Insurance Company

Maros Bezak, Chief Strategy Officer, Tamatem

Prajwal Shambhu, Technical Presales Lead, UiPath MEA

Reimagining business models 

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Morning tea and coffee break

Please make your way to the networking tea break area on Level 8,

Reimagining business models 

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KEYNOTE: Anywhere service delivery: embracing intelligent automation and the need to focus on your core values to deliver value to your customers

As consumers become less dependent on physical retail and service locations, organisations need to turn their attention to meeting the needs of the empowered and hybrid consumer: a consumer who wants to connect anytime, anywhere, via any device - and expects to. In today’s world, where many consumers can work from anywhere, they also want to get services on the run, from anywhere. Explore how organisations can embrace Marketing automation while focusing on rebranding strategies as technology is not all it takes to win today's consumer, especially Gen Y and Z.

Maria von Scheel-Plessen, EMEA Director Media, Gucci

Reimagining business models 

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KEYNOTE ADDRESS: The Automation Success Platform

Build and manage your digital workforce to deliver secure automation across the enterprise

Vishal Dogra, Regional Sales Director, Automation Anywhere

Reimagining business models 

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EXECUTIVE PANEL DISCUSSION: How to get AI and IA accelerating digital twins?

Most innovative enterprises commence their automation and digital twin journey with a pilot. This session will explore how AI and data will allow the business leaders to comprehend the benefit obtained from efficient workflow and process design, to generate higher ROI.

  • Incorporating artificial intelligence and machine learning architecture

  • Inserting layers of cross data utilisation and governance

  • Integrating functional and industry knowledge into automation and digital twin initiatives

Chair: Saud Zakwani, Head of Data Science, Petroleum Development Oman

Kamran Ahsan, Senior Director AI & Smart Data, Etisalat

Fayaz Ahamed Badubhai, Group IT (Digital) Director, Al Yousuf Group

Antonio Al Asmar, General Manager, Careem

Syed Ashar Ahmed, Automation Expert, Emaar Malls Group

Reimagining business models 

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KEYNOTE: Automation is an infinite journey - how do you know you’re on the right path?

Automation has become an imperative in every CIO and IT leader’s strategy. But automation is not a one-and-done effort, it’s a continuous journey. The right metrics, data, and decisions are vital to realizing the true benefits of automation. In this keynote, Sean Heuer, VP of Product and Engineering at Resolve, will discuss the key factors in building your automation strategy:

  • What areas of automation to focus on for maximum benefit

  • How to measure the impact of automation

  • How to align your automation efforts with your business objectives

Rob Kelsall, VP of Sales, Resolve

Reimagining business models 

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CASE STUDY: Effective financial management through automation - reimagining your automation strategy to streamline your finance function.

CFOs are leveraging automation to be ahead of the game and ensure a smooth transition into what will be the realities of the future of work. This session explores strategies that will help you deliver meaningful and impactful business transformations.

  • How do you move ahead and embrace this new paradigm?

  • How do you achieve significant improvement in operational efficiencies through finance automation?

  • Defining a critical business strategy that delivers impact

  • Ensuring the eventual outcomes are more personal customer relationships, operational excellence, faster processing times and effective data analytics


Nauman Asif Mian, CFO, Inc.

Reimagining business models 

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Networking lunch

Please make your way to Lunch Area on Level 9

Reimagining business models 

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EXECUTIVE PANEL DISCUSSION: Intelligent automation – harnessing the digital infrastructure to deliver efficiencies in finance and source-to-pay

Nowadays, every organisation is moving towards automation-as-a-service for better productivity. Hear how RPA and bots are automating the business processes on the cloud platforms thus increasing productivity, saving time, and decreasing human intervention.

  • Streamlining the Source to Pay process through end-to-end automation for process optimisation

  • How businesses can increase efficiency, savings and working capital by leveraging source to pay

  • How data cloud is helping organisations embrace automation-as-a-service

  • How can the cloud administration provide the computing machine to the RPA bot


Chair: Nauman Asif Mian, CFO, Inc.

Jitesh Matta, Manager Accounts Payable, Tanfeeth

Mukesh Arora, Group Financial Controller, Oman Gas

Muhammad Ali Baig, Managing Director Finance, Beeah

Arif Choksy, CFO, Bahra Cable Company

Reimagining business models 

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KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Creating a digital transformation roadmap in a services industry to meet the new ‘normal

In the post-pandemic world, enterprises are gearing up to accelerate digitisation to enhance service delivery, improve customer services, optimize process workflow, and effective data analytics. The key question is how do you ensure digitisation leads to long term benefits?

  • Digital transformation framework

  • Digital transformation roadmap

  • Role of data and analytics


Ramesh Subramanian, Chief Financial Officer, Rakez

Reimagining business models 

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CASE STUDY: AI in Healthcare Talent Development


Dr Kalthoom Mohammed AlBlooshi, CEO of Innovation and Training & Development Center Director, Emirates Health Services.

Reimagining business models 

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CASE STUDY: How do you manage monumental datasets, superior analytics and capture process efficiencies to achieve operational excellence?

  • Leveraging AI and ML to generate deep/ real-time insights from an avalanche of information

  • Prioritising workflows and process – leveraging AI to make data-driven decisions on automation

  • Examining process inefficiencies – leveraging data analytics to achieve productivity gains

  • Achieving standardization – centralizing structured data to identify process anomalies, improve compliance and be a category leader


Saud Zakwani, Head of Data Science, Petroleum Development Oman

Reimagining business models 

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EXECUTIVE PANEL DISCUSSION: Why it pays to invest time in designing an effective process workflow to achieve operational excellence through automation

  • Importance of comprehensive workflow design in laying the foundation for a strong IA strategy

  • Data value: how do CIOs ensure stakeholders understand data is a strategic asset

  • Lean methodology: how do you exercise judiciousness and evaluate the needs and set goalposts as the project advances

  • Guidelines for effective workflow design


Chair: Rawan Rabia, Account Executive, Workato

Wajdi Mereb, Intelligent Automation and Digital Engineering Expert, MIRAL

Dr Ali Al Sanousi, Chief Medical officer, Hamad Medical Corporation

Piyush Chowhan, Group Chief Information Officer, LuLu Group International

Haitham S. Hamza, CIO, University of Cairo, Egypt

Reimagining business models 

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3.40pm - 4.40pm


If you have confirmed for the Leaders connect please make your way to the designated areas. Talk to the IA Show Team if you would like to join one.



Leaders Connect A

Intelligent Automation - improving more than just efficiencies

  • How to optimize productivity while keeping people at the forefront of the business by automating repetitive and time-consuming processes.

  • How to increase the competitive advantage by paving the way for adoption for the right emerging technological trends.

Chair: Rawan Rabia, Account Executive, Workato

James Steel, Divisional General Manager of Digital Transformation And Innovation, Mediclinic

Dr. Ali Al Sanousi, Executive Chief Medical Information Officer, Hamad Medical Corporation

Hosted by Workato


Leaders Connect B


Creating a winning automation strategy by leveraging AI, cognitive & analytics

As AI and intelligent automation continue to expand, practitioners are recognizing the importance of leveraging AI and ML in forging automation success. How do you develop a strategy that expands your AI usage and gives you an opportunity to leverage unstructured data for enhanced outcomes?

Chair: Nader Amer, Senior Solutions Manager, SquareOne Technologies

Ambreen Ismail, Head of Human Capital and Administration, Fidelity United


Hosted by Automation Anywhere & SquareOne Technologies


Leaders Connect C:

Pivoting towards digital - achieving enhanced automation outcomes using AI

Three out of four enterprise executives believe they risk going out of business by 2025 if they don’t deploy AI across their organizations. - “AI: Built to Scale” by Accenture


“Join UiPath to explore how AI can accelerate your intelligent automation journey with real use cases”

Chair: Ashraf El Zarka, Regional VP for Middle East, Africa and Pakistan, UiPath

Areej Masoud Nasser Al Shibani, Senior Proficient Human Resources , Omantel

Andreas Grammas, EVP - Head of Human Resources, Oman Insurance Company


Hosted by UiPath

Reimagining business models 

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3.40 - 4.40pm


The Tech Demos are on Level 8 along with afternoon tea.

Please head to Level 8 for Tech Demo time with the sponsors at their stands and afternoon tea.


Come visit the Solutions Consulting team at the Workato stand to see how an API driven low-code / no-code platform can handle the integration of your application landscape, and the automation of your business processes, in an easy and intuitive building platform, without compromising security and governance. 

Reimagining business models 

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Reimagining business models 


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