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How To Accelerate Intelligent Automation Adoption In The Oil And Gas Industry?

With assets that are often located in remote and hostile environments, it is essential to have reliable and efficient methods for maintenance, monitoring, and inspection within the oil and gas sector. Recent technological advancements are providing new opportunities to automate tasks and improve their efficiency and effectiveness.

In the last couple of years, organisations have expedited digital transformation efforts, fuelling more investment to support automation of key business processes to eliminate human fault analysis and improve operational effectiveness. Explore more.

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Predictive maintenance
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Predictive maintenance is a data-driven approach to asset management that uses sensors and data analytics to monitor the condition of assets and predict when they are likely to fail. This allows for preventive maintenance to be performed before a failure occurs, which can save time, money, and prevent accidents.

Predictive maintenance is an important tool that can help oil and gas conglomerates to improve asset reliability, reduce costs, and maintain regulatory compliance.

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Reliability centered maintenance
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The oil and gas sector has tremendous opportunity to embrace digitisation to expedite innovation and meet the needs of the changing environments.

The energy sector has always valued innovation and adopted advanced technologies before other industry sectors. How can it maintain this leadership?

With great tech advancements, achieving safety, and optimisation of assets while saving time and costs is becoming increasingly possible. By leveraging predictive analytics, AI, automation and digital twins, advanced asset tracking, predictive monitoring, failures prevention, flare inspection, gas detection, maintenance and more, can be achieved.


In this report we will focus on the importance of embracing predictive maintenance, accelerating intelligent automation, and change management in the oil and gas industry.

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Due to the global economic turmoil the top priority for all the top tier National oil companies in the region is Digitization, Operational Efficiency, and Business Process Realignment. 

Improving the integrity level and achieving life extension of the ageing assets has been of utmost importance to these oil and gas operators in the region. 

Data Processing

There is a clear directive to leverage next gen technologies to enhance asset integrity and reliability. 

As such, now is an opportune time to engage with these top prospects and win business.

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