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7 Benefits of Reliability-Centered Maintenance

A well-implemented Reliability-Centered Maintenance (RCM) program can bring your company a wide range of benefits. RCM focuses on maintenance planning. In other words, making sure that systems or processes are operating efficiently and effectively. This is a critical practice that can be costly and dangerous if not properly addressed.

In this article, we will cover seven benefits an effective RCM program can help you achieve.

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Studies have shown that Fortune 500 companies lose an average of $31.5 billion per year due to the failure of sharing knowledge across teams. This lack of proper communication and collaboration results in the formation of silos that could have multiple consequences for the business. The growing complexity of business processes and dispersed work environment increases the communication challenges. These operational silos impact the organization’s productivity and efficiency and are major roadblocks to the company’s growth towards success.

If you are looking for a way to break down silos and improve business processes, a digital workforce powered by RPA might be the answer for you.

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John Tillema, CTO at TWTG shares why companiess like Shell choose their products, what drives him and TWTG and safety regulations.  Lastly John spoke about the future of digitalisation in the oil and gas sector including the differences between regions.

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An ROI driven opportunity that will enable you to walk out with clear direction on making the right investments and closing business.


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What Oil & Gas Live members and decision-makers plan to spend on leveraging new technologies to amplify customer experience.




Oil and Gas Leaders benchmark with peers, review feedback and analyse trends before making buying decisions.

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Companies cite increased budgets for digital transformation eg AI, chatbots, analytics, or cloud. Oil and Gas Live Leaders Connects facilitate closed-door peer discussions, making technology evaluation easier.

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